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May 17, 2013 / Amy

Songs of the Week(end) #7

Martin Solveig & The Cataracs feat. Kyle :: Hey Now

Time to get excited that the weekend is here! Here’s an upbeat tune from Martin Solveig and surprise surprise The Cataracs ft. Kyle. This is a very summery song, and it’s kinda feel-good when the chorus comes rolling in. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Don’t let me stop you heading to the beach now.

Daft Punk ft. Pharell Williams :: Lose Yourself to Dance

No, this is not Get Lucky, but it sounds pretty similar to the whole album, which is VERY chill and retro. Some people are actually quite taken aback because it’s not like their usual electronic beats, but I quite like this. The bridge here with the bass are extremely chill! Highgasm alert! Oh yeah, you can also listen to the whole album on iTunes for free before its official release out this 21st May. Which is your favourite?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: Skeletons

Well hello YYY. This was refreshing, after all these years. And I was suddenly in the mood for anthems. I also thought this was a good pick for the weekend. Anyway, my all time favourite from YYY has to be Zero remixed by RAC (Of course it has to be remixed by RAC)

Philip Phillips :: Home (Piano/Cello cover by The Piano Guys)

This isn’t a summer song per se, but I have a love for classical instruments. It’s been a while since I heard from John Schmidt (the pianist), and I’m really pleased to see that he’s been making covers of popular songs with his cello buddy Steven Sharp Nelson. I love they added their own twist to the song, and so far, this is one of my favourites besides Love Story meets Viva La Vida (which started it all)

Have a good weekend everyone. It’s going to be a long week ahead.

May 13, 2013 / Amy

Sculpting with Paint by Justin Gaffrey

Amazing. Personally I know how hard it is to work with acrylic paint. They can dry up slow and harden and it’s not easy having to mix colours and what not. To get the desired texture and design is almost a skill, that acrylic artists have to train to learn. But for this chef and restauranteur-turned-artist, he literally changes the dynamics of how one works with acrylic paint. Well to me at least, cause this is just wicked cool and surreal!

Justin Gaffrey describes his method of art as “sculpting with paint” and he sure does have a way with them. I’ve seen abstract works, and traditional methods, but nothing like this. He uses the acrylic to create dimensional depth to the subject, and creating a 3d effect when in full view. Now why no one ever thought of this boggles me. Okay perhaps there were, but I never took notice of them.

Even his workstation is pretty crazy and everywhere you’ll see is acrylic paint!

His inspiration mainly comes from nature and the surroundings around him, but I think he makes a magnificent job including a little bit of impressionistic character to his work. Check out how he create his sculpting piece with the timelapse video below. Doesn’t it get you inspired to work that paint now?

[Images via My Modern Met]

May 10, 2013 / Amy

How to Advertise to Children Discreetly?

Now this is clever. Advertising is one thing. But advertising and getting the message across to a specific target audience deserves an applause.  By creating this advert through lenticular printing, their message of child abuse awareness and how they can help is a worthy praise that needs to be acknowledged.

So this is how it works, from an adult’s point of view, you’ll see a boy with a sad face, and a message of  ‘Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it’. But from a young child’s perspective, they can see a bruised boy with the message ‘If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you’ along with the helpline’s phone number. Only kids under 10 or well, shorter people can see the hidden message. I guess it’s also to avoid their abuser from preventing the child seeking help. Nevertheless, it’s brilliant.

Created by Grey Spain for  Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation (ANAR).

[via Stomp, The Drum]

May 9, 2013 / Amy

Songs of the Week(end) #6

Weekend is nearing once again. So far, there aren’t very many songs that I like nowadays. Oh well, time to cut the crap and jump straight to the music.

Imagine Dragons :: Demons

I’ve always loved It’s time and Radioactive. I think those two are their best tracks off their album. Demons is pretty good, but I listened to the other songs on their album and they’re just not up to par with the first two songs. Well to me at least. I know it’s subjective, so here’s the song Demons for you to judge.

Usher :: Numb

This is nothing new, but I still like the music in the background. I can’t believe I only started listening to it this year. I know it sounded something like what David Guetta would’ve mixed but I feel he’s gone downhill with his recycled tunes. What happened to Sexy B*tch?

Lemar :: Invincible

Oh Lemar. I haven’t heard from you for so long! I was actually quite surprised when I found out this was by Lemar, and it took me back to my adolescent years when Another Day was the theme song of my oh-so-fragile love life. Anyway, I thought it was alright, but not my favourite.

Lupe Fiasco :: Battle Scars

I like Lupe Fiasco. I heard a dj pronounced his name ‘Loopay’ on the radio one time. But I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced ‘Loop’ yet I could be wrong. Anyway, it’s been a while since Superstar Lupe. How has Hollywood been treating ya?

Not a very interesting list, but hey at least I updated.

May 7, 2013 / Amy

Mummy Dearest

My mum can be a little overwhelming, stubborn, hypocritical and idealistic. Not saying she’s a horrible mother, but she does have admirable qualities, like her determination, uncalculativeness and soft-spoken nature. She can get on my nerves at times, but that’s just my temper getting the best out of me. I really should be more patient, and appreciate her more. So I decided it’s time to give back. It’s time to treat her like a queen that she deserves. Anyway, I was wracking my brain on what to get her this mother’s day, and here are some of my ideas/suggestions.




Flowers aren’t cheap come to think about it, especially if you plan on getting a bouquet and during peak commercial periods, like say Mothers Day/Valentine’s. They wither after a week or two, and eventually we have to throw it out. But for me, I feel flowers have a nice sentimental touch to it, and they bring a smile to one’s face when received. Well to me at least. I find it quite humbling compared to splurging on a materialistic gift or something. My mum will tell me she doesn’t need a gift, but I think she’ll be happy to receive this, even if it’s just a stalk.





2. Manicure
I always envisioned myself and my mum getting ourselves pampered and prim. To be honest, we never had a manicure together, not even once. I’ve had that with my best friends, sisters, college mates, even with my man (he pretty much enjoyed himself), but just not with mummy dearest. Which is kinda odd, since I know it’s a mother-daughter thing that you do at least once in your life. It’s not say long lasting cause it’ll eventually chip away and you’ll have to brush on a new coat, but it’s the bonding that matters….right?





3. Brunch

Maybe take her out for brunch… Brunch would be perfect. Especially if you’re in the mood for breakfast but can’t wake up early in the morning to make one for her.  😛 But it’s a little harder to decide where to eat now since she’s turned vegan. Why ma? Possibly an american breakfast without the meats, or the wallet friendly kolomee kosong or roti kosong may just do. Know any good place for brunch(in Brunei), please comment below! Sadly, my mum doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I’ll gladly share her sweets with her.



4. Family Portrait

Now this is something that I’ve been meaning to do with my family. We’ve never had one done before because firstly, being a typical asian simple man, my dad thinks it’s pointless and he doesn’t like to dress up or attend functions. He’d rather stay at home, watch football and drink beer. But as he ages, he now realizes what he’s been missing out in life, so I guess it won’t be so hard to convince him this time if we spontaneously decide to go to a photoshoot. Secondly, budget. If you’re okay with spending hundreds for a family photo, then kudos. I know there are places which can do less than that, but I believe that sometimes, the price may just equal the quality! I can be a photography snob (even if I don’t own a camera), and this website, simply terrifies me, and I do not want me or my family to one day make an appearance there! Thirdly, none of us are always at one place at one time. I mean as a whole family. Now that Jeanie is married off, I’m always at work, Michelle’s always going out, it’s hard to be at the same place unless we have a gathering. I think I may just save this idea for mum’s birthday instead. :\



5. Hair time!

I probably need to put this and 2. Manicure under ‘pampering treatment’. Get a new hair colour, do highlights, get a haircut, totally up to you both. The plus side? Both you and your mum get to look good at the end of the day. My mum just recently went for a haircut though. :\





Yes shoes. I love em and I can’t get enough of them. This would be perfect if there was a shoe sale and my mum and I could get at least 2 or 3 pairs each. 😀 Shoe shopping can go no wrong. Unless they don’t have your size or the price is crazy sky high. I think this would be great if you were to head on down to Miri, for a cheaper bargain.

10. Anti-aging products

Now this is evidently useful! You could even sneak some for your own use when your mum’s not watching. 😛 If money is no object for you, why not invest in a beauty product, and get rid of those pesky wrinkles for good? Your mum may thank you for that. The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is a suggestion, as it’s a multi-tasking winner! For serums, why not try the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum? Okay, okay, I know these products are pretty tight to your pockets. But hey, there’s always Olay, and that one’s a pretty renowned and effective as well.

If all else fails, well you can always try a competition, and win fantastic gifts for you and your mum. Here’s one “Snap, IG & Win” contest by MADbites. Firstly, you’ll need your own Instagram account! And the closing submission is extended until 12th May 2013.

1) Snap a picture of you and your mum doing crazy stuffs together and get your family members and friends to like the photo!
2) You may submit as much photo entries as you want. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!
3) Tag “@madbites” and also hashtag “#madbites” and “#madmoms” on Instagram
4) Photo with MOST LIKES wins fantastic prizes!

Winners can enjoy these prizes with their mum.

1st PRIZE – 2 vouchers from Thann Sanctuary for 60 mins Thann Signature Aromatic Body Massage, Hi-tea at Zest, Empire for 2 persons and a bouquet of Carnation for your mum!
Total worth: $160

2nd PRIZE: Voucher from Excapade Sushi
Worth: $100

3rd PRIZE: Voucher from Villa Mauri
Worth: $50

Now this looks like fun! Good luck to those trying out. Imma go snap a few pics with mumsy now. Hope you have a great time with your mum.

May 4, 2013 / Amy

Songs of the Week(end) #5

Time for the weekend again. This week is hectic for me, but I still managed to squeeze a blog post here, and listened to some new songs. Well here it is!

Daughter :: Get Lucky

I’ve raved about Daft Punk’s new tune on my previous blog post, and this time, it’s about a cover! I love Youth, and this one by Daughter is no disappointment. She’s put a really nice chill twist to the song, and completely made it her own, and I just love it as it is! I can’t decide whether I liked this or the orginal more. The bass here after the bridge is killing! Imagine listening to this in a convertible, pulling the roof down, cruising down the highway in this majestic song. URGH…’s ultimate HIGHgasm.

Jessica Sanchez :: Tonight

I actually watched the last American Idol(not the current one with Nicki urgh!) again because I thought they had potential players like Joshua Ledet and including Jessica herself. When Joshua was showed the door in the top 3, I was actually hoping for Jessica to win the title. But Philip Phillips won, and well, it’s not exactly a bad thing, but I find it a pity that she didn’t win cause she’s talented! Anyway, here’s her first single, featuring Ne-Yo, and the more I listen to it, the more I actually like it! Sure it’s pop, and Ne-Yo probably had something to do with it, but I just find it feel-good to listen to especially during the weekend. Good for you Jess, maybe you may just prove Idol wrong. I’d like to see where her success will lead her. Gosh, she’s growing up so fast!

Kaskade :: Summer Lovin

I came across this video, and I really like the sound, and I love how they were being creative with the ‘spray tanning’. Hehe! I think this isn’t the full song, but more of a tour promotion, and it won’t be out until the Summer. Kaskade…you lil’ tease. If only they would release the full album. Oh well, this will have to do for now.

Fiz Damit :: Submission3

Okay, this video has nothing to do with the song. I’m bringing this up, because I wanna rave about this particular dancer who recently took part in a dance competition here in Brunei. And well, he’s really good! I managed to watch him dance a full routine of this live (well through an iPad), and he certainly lived up to that expectation or even possibly exceeding them. I had no idea there are really talented individuals(or as a group for that matter) here in Brunei, and I find it a shame that it’s not fully embraced or further encouraged to bring out their creativity and passion. Hey, if it was being addicted to dance or drugs, I would pick the former any day! Dance is universal, and so is music. So cheers to this fellow here, he deserves the spotlight.

Well, hope you have a good weekend. After tonight, I think I’m gonna go out like a light bulb and disappear for about a week or two. I need to catch my sleep!

April 26, 2013 / Amy

Songs of the Week(end) #4

Okay, this episode of Songs of the Week(end) can get really steamy! But I think it’s also refreshing to have a bit of RnB as my picks instead of my favourite house tunes. Anyway, here they are.

Robin Thicke ft. TI & Pharell :: Blurred Lines

Three sexy males. Three sexy ladies. And it’s heating up! I am a fan of Thicke’s Rollacoasta, so when I heard this song, I was intrigued. And I’m smitten because of its extra sexy yet playful vibe. Damn I wish I had those models’s bod!

Ciara :: Body Party

Why do I get the feeling this was extremely auto tuned to the highest degree? Maybe it’s cause I think nobody is able to hit that insanely high note. Nevertheless, I am loving the vibe it’s giving off. I haven’t heard a song I really liked by Ciara for a while and this is refreshing. Welcome back Ciara.

The xx :: Reconsider [Jamie xx Remix]

This is the closest I could find of the original sound. And this is extremely sexy! It’s slow, but that’s what the xx is all about. Taking its time and harmonious beats. Jamie xx is a genius.

Lana Del Rey :: Young and Beautiful

Soundtrack to The Great Gatsby, which I think is quite fitting since Lana has a very retro and classy style about her. Her voice is just as sexy and although it’s a little slow, I find the song meaningful and beautiful.

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton :: Can’t Hold Us

I didn’t get what the deal was with Macklemore and his Thrift Shop. It was catchy, but overplayed on the radio. I also thought that he was a typical rapper rapping about sex, drugs, women, money, ya know… I was getting tiresome of Pitbull, Akon and the likes…but after listening to his other songs, I realized he’s a little different, like B.O.B. This song is one of my favourites by Macklemore, and it’s refreshing to listen to a rapper who raps about life, reality, and real problems faced by everyday people. Plus, with the cultural drumming, gets a plus from me.

Other notes are David Guetta ft. Akon & Ne-Yo, and I mentioned before that I’m not a fan of  recycled materials and turning into a song for a cheap profit just because you have a big name. This song has potential, but it’s going to the bin for me.