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February 18, 2014 / Amy

In the Spotlight: EMBRZ

It’s my take on Songs of the Week(end) except I’m featuring one of my favourite go-to artists lately, and this person is none other than Irish twenty-something year old Jack Casey, or better known as EMBRZ (pronounced Embers). He’s been dropping a lot of tracks for the past year, sending chillwaves and ambient beats and vocals, and I just wonder why I never discovered him sooner.

I first heard him on the Hype Machine, with his version of Ellie Goulding’s  How Long Will I Love You, and to answer your question EMBRZ, I think I’ll be loving you for a long time! Personally, I prefer his remix way more than Ellie’s slow-tempo ballad. The repetitive notes, faded-in-and-out female vocals, and the gradual soft beats and synths are slowly becoming something of his trademark. I like that he takes his time with his music, because once he hits that climax, you’ll understand the magic behind it.

Another song that’s been out not long ago, is a remix of Dive In’s Let Go. Again, EMBRZ puts his own spin on it and I prefer his version to the original. He is slowly becoming one of my favourite indie remixer (and possibly in line with RAC), if he keeps spinning more tracks like this!

Other tunes worth mentioning are AwakeSlow Down, Make Your Way and Raindrops. If you want to listen more, go on to his SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter and Facebook for updates and free downloads.

And EMBRZ, if you’re reading this… keep doing what you’re doing! Big love!



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  1. whatwewear / Feb 19 2014 10:08 pm

    great songs, thanks for sharing!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

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