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February 15, 2014 / Amy

Love was in the air

Valentine’s Day happened this week, and it’s supposedly the most romantic day of the year. Love it or hate it, People still talk about it – be it singles, married, skeptics and what-nots. Heck, I feel it’s more of a commercialized day capitalized by corporations to make more money. Personally, I’m not so against V-day, as long as creative ads like these keep coming.

In case of love at first sightCreated by Advertising Agency Kingsday, Amsterdam in The Netherlands, they made a playful campaign as well as making a statement wherein ‘Saying it with flowers’ is just so 2010.

This campaign was tastefully done and out of all the other V-day campaigns, this is my favourite. Here’s another cheeky one done by BBH, Singapore for IKEA.

Creative ads are not limited to just prints and direct marketing. Here’s one with a video message from the Metro Train Station, famous for their “Dumb Ways to Die” campaign. Though I found this way too close to another fellow youtuber’s video, that was published just one day before. Guess it’s not a very original concept.

So there you go. Love-ly campaigns that are cheeky and funny. Have you received any funny Valentine message this year? I didn’t. I simply celebrated it by stuffing my face with Jelly Hearts and sleeping through a movie in the cinema.

Image from Lady Iron Chef

I ordered mine through Ed’s Kitchen! I didn’t take a picture, but they were definitely yummy! If you want to make your own, here’s a recipe! Anyway, till the next post! And happy post-Valentine’s Day….!



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