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May 29, 2013 / Amy

Rain, rain, go away.

Alright, time to update the ol’ blog.

I noticed how much it’s been raining in Brunei and then get so blistering hot the next lately. Like the DJ on the radio said today, the weather is bipolar. Is this a sign of summer? Who am I kidding, it’s summer all year round here in Bruland.

For me, personally I hate rainy days.I hate how my shoes will get all soggy and wet when I accidentally stepped on a puddle. Or how it’ll drench my jeans and it’ll stick to my ankles and muddy bits will seep in between my toes. Not to mention, after having your car washed, you’ll have the rain to thank for when it undoes everything for you. Besides, it can get really cold and my skin’ll get super dry especially in air conditioned places like my office. (I mean I’m not complaining about the latter, but I prefer to stay warm, compared to being in a freezer or in a desert.)

I don’t get how people love rainy days so much. It causes so much of an inconvenience (you can’t dry your laundry outside, you’ll have to wash your car again, you can’t go outside to play, well you get my drift) and it’s so friggin gloomy-looking everywhere you go. Some people say it’s nice to sleep in, or how the pitter patter of raindrops are soothing, but so far, I sleep like a baby regardless of the rain. So I really don’t get the point.

When I was a child, I had a very wild imagination and I once believed that, the reason why it rains was because someone out there was really sad. The gods in the heavens must’ve felt the person’s pain and cried with him/her. The heavier the sadness, the heavier the rain. When it thunders, someone must be angry. How I came to this conclusion was because everytime I was going through some kind of shyt, it would rain. At times it didn’t rain when I was down, but I told myself that the gods must be reserving their tears for someone else’s pain, who’s having a greater grief than I was. And if I was in a good mood and it started raining, someone else out there must be feeling really miserable then.

This was just one of my crazy imagination as a kid, when it ran wild and free. You have no idea what other nonsense sprouted out of my mind. Gosh what memories.

Anyway, I read reports of flash floods today so brace yourself peeps. Flooding of people’s homes, landslides, slippery roads….you name it. It’s happened before, and I have a feeling it’ll happen again. I’m thankful that I don’t live in low-lying-flood-prone areas, and here’s a reminder: Buckle up and drive safely.

I can only look forward to that rainbow after the rain.




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