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May 13, 2013 / Amy

Sculpting with Paint by Justin Gaffrey

Amazing. Personally I know how hard it is to work with acrylic paint. They can dry up slow and harden and it’s not easy having to mix colours and what not. To get the desired texture and design is almost a skill, that acrylic artists have to train to learn. But for this chef and restauranteur-turned-artist, he literally changes the dynamics of how one works with acrylic paint. Well to me at least, cause this is just wicked cool and surreal!

Justin Gaffrey describes his method of art as “sculpting with paint” and he sure does have a way with them. I’ve seen abstract works, and traditional methods, but nothing like this. He uses the acrylic to create dimensional depth to the subject, and creating a 3d effect when in full view. Now why no one ever thought of this boggles me. Okay perhaps there were, but I never took notice of them.

Even his workstation is pretty crazy and everywhere you’ll see is acrylic paint!

His inspiration mainly comes from nature and the surroundings around him, but I think he makes a magnificent job including a little bit of impressionistic character to his work. Check out how he create his sculpting piece with the timelapse video below. Doesn’t it get you inspired to work that paint now?

[Images via My Modern Met]



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  1. ronyshapira / May 14 2013 8:01 pm

    wow, this is incredible!!! very inspiring how he takes a well known medium and makes something new out of it! I would love to make dresses with 3d paint all over them!

  2. John Vincent / Nov 5 2013 2:27 pm

    Reblogged this on Johnny's Art Blog.


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