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May 9, 2013 / Amy

Songs of the Week(end) #6

Weekend is nearing once again. So far, there aren’t very many songs that I like nowadays. Oh well, time to cut the crap and jump straight to the music.

Imagine Dragons :: Demons

I’ve always loved It’s time and Radioactive. I think those two are their best tracks off their album. Demons is pretty good, but I listened to the other songs on their album and they’re just not up to par with the first two songs. Well to me at least. I know it’s subjective, so here’s the song Demons for you to judge.

Usher :: Numb

This is nothing new, but I still like the music in the background. I can’t believe I only started listening to it this year. I know it sounded something like what David Guetta would’ve mixed but I feel he’s gone downhill with his recycled tunes. What happened to Sexy B*tch?

Lemar :: Invincible

Oh Lemar. I haven’t heard from you for so long! I was actually quite surprised when I found out this was by Lemar, and it took me back to my adolescent years when Another Day was the theme song of my oh-so-fragile love life. Anyway, I thought it was alright, but not my favourite.

Lupe Fiasco :: Battle Scars

I like Lupe Fiasco. I heard a dj pronounced his name ‘Loopay’ on the radio one time. But I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced ‘Loop’ yet I could be wrong. Anyway, it’s been a while since Superstar Lupe. How has Hollywood been treating ya?

Not a very interesting list, but hey at least I updated.

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