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May 7, 2013 / Amy

Mummy Dearest

My mum can be a little overwhelming, stubborn, hypocritical and idealistic. Not saying she’s a horrible mother, but she does have admirable qualities, like her determination, uncalculativeness and soft-spoken nature. She can get on my nerves at times, but that’s just my temper getting the best out of me. I really should be more patient, and appreciate her more. So I decided it’s time to give back. It’s time to treat her like a queen that she deserves. Anyway, I was wracking my brain on what to get her this mother’s day, and here are some of my ideas/suggestions.




Flowers aren’t cheap come to think about it, especially if you plan on getting a bouquet and during peak commercial periods, like say Mothers Day/Valentine’s. They wither after a week or two, and eventually we have to throw it out. But for me, I feel flowers have a nice sentimental touch to it, and they bring a smile to one’s face when received. Well to me at least. I find it quite humbling compared to splurging on a materialistic gift or something. My mum will tell me she doesn’t need a gift, but I think she’ll be happy to receive this, even if it’s just a stalk.





2. Manicure
I always envisioned myself and my mum getting ourselves pampered and prim. To be honest, we never had a manicure together, not even once. I’ve had that with my best friends, sisters, college mates, even with my man (he pretty much enjoyed himself), but just not with mummy dearest. Which is kinda odd, since I know it’s a mother-daughter thing that you do at least once in your life. It’s not say long lasting cause it’ll eventually chip away and you’ll have to brush on a new coat, but it’s the bonding that matters….right?





3. Brunch

Maybe take her out for brunch… Brunch would be perfect. Especially if you’re in the mood for breakfast but can’t wake up early in the morning to make one for her.  😛 But it’s a little harder to decide where to eat now since she’s turned vegan. Why ma? Possibly an american breakfast without the meats, or the wallet friendly kolomee kosong or roti kosong may just do. Know any good place for brunch(in Brunei), please comment below! Sadly, my mum doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I’ll gladly share her sweets with her.



4. Family Portrait

Now this is something that I’ve been meaning to do with my family. We’ve never had one done before because firstly, being a typical asian simple man, my dad thinks it’s pointless and he doesn’t like to dress up or attend functions. He’d rather stay at home, watch football and drink beer. But as he ages, he now realizes what he’s been missing out in life, so I guess it won’t be so hard to convince him this time if we spontaneously decide to go to a photoshoot. Secondly, budget. If you’re okay with spending hundreds for a family photo, then kudos. I know there are places which can do less than that, but I believe that sometimes, the price may just equal the quality! I can be a photography snob (even if I don’t own a camera), and this website, simply terrifies me, and I do not want me or my family to one day make an appearance there! Thirdly, none of us are always at one place at one time. I mean as a whole family. Now that Jeanie is married off, I’m always at work, Michelle’s always going out, it’s hard to be at the same place unless we have a gathering. I think I may just save this idea for mum’s birthday instead. :\



5. Hair time!

I probably need to put this and 2. Manicure under ‘pampering treatment’. Get a new hair colour, do highlights, get a haircut, totally up to you both. The plus side? Both you and your mum get to look good at the end of the day. My mum just recently went for a haircut though. :\





Yes shoes. I love em and I can’t get enough of them. This would be perfect if there was a shoe sale and my mum and I could get at least 2 or 3 pairs each. 😀 Shoe shopping can go no wrong. Unless they don’t have your size or the price is crazy sky high. I think this would be great if you were to head on down to Miri, for a cheaper bargain.

10. Anti-aging products

Now this is evidently useful! You could even sneak some for your own use when your mum’s not watching. 😛 If money is no object for you, why not invest in a beauty product, and get rid of those pesky wrinkles for good? Your mum may thank you for that. The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is a suggestion, as it’s a multi-tasking winner! For serums, why not try the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum? Okay, okay, I know these products are pretty tight to your pockets. But hey, there’s always Olay, and that one’s a pretty renowned and effective as well.

If all else fails, well you can always try a competition, and win fantastic gifts for you and your mum. Here’s one “Snap, IG & Win” contest by MADbites. Firstly, you’ll need your own Instagram account! And the closing submission is extended until 12th May 2013.

1) Snap a picture of you and your mum doing crazy stuffs together and get your family members and friends to like the photo!
2) You may submit as much photo entries as you want. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!
3) Tag “@madbites” and also hashtag “#madbites” and “#madmoms” on Instagram
4) Photo with MOST LIKES wins fantastic prizes!

Winners can enjoy these prizes with their mum.

1st PRIZE – 2 vouchers from Thann Sanctuary for 60 mins Thann Signature Aromatic Body Massage, Hi-tea at Zest, Empire for 2 persons and a bouquet of Carnation for your mum!
Total worth: $160

2nd PRIZE: Voucher from Excapade Sushi
Worth: $100

3rd PRIZE: Voucher from Villa Mauri
Worth: $50

Now this looks like fun! Good luck to those trying out. Imma go snap a few pics with mumsy now. Hope you have a great time with your mum.

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