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March 5, 2013 / Amy

Creative QR code advertising

Good day all,

It’s been a while, yes I know. But just recently there was an event that caused me to convulse on the spot where my brain exploded internally and somehow oh-so-magically mended everything back to normal few days later. I still have not overcome the trauma. But things are back to normal again but not for long, so I’m just gonna update a little something that I found on the web.

Clever QR advertising


QR codes are quite all the rage in Japan as I know, but still have yet made it big here in Brunei. Perhaps it’s because part of the population here still uses old nokia phones or there are those who don’t even know what a qr code let alone know how to use it. It’s no different from a website or facebook link, another yawn/gimmick, but this advertisement made me realize that, all is not lost. We can still be creative with QR codes.

Take the above for example. Tattoo artists are precise and very skillful when it comes to drawing or writing, and what better way to prove that you are the right person for the job than to ink a qr code!

“New tattoo artists wanted. To apply, fill in the QR code carefully.”

Advertising Agency: BÜRO, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Ilker Zaharya, Esra Ayas Özalp
Art Director: Nilüfer Abaylı
Copywriter: Ceren Orun

Kudos to the creative team of BÜRO. I could only wish that I have thought of that idea. Oh well….have a happy Tuesday y’all. Don’t let your brain explode in the middle of an important function. You just might not be able to recover after that.

[via Headvertising]

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