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November 20, 2012 / Amy

Dumb Ways To Die

How many dumb ways can you think of to die? If you’re feeling suicidal, you’d probably want to stay clear of this post (and get professional help!), ’cause the list here are too painful funny to watch and you may just want to change your mind. Sydney musician and keyboardist of The Cat Empire Ollie McGill have come up with something super cute and catchy for Melbourne Metro trains’ PSA safety campaign using mildly sardonic humour to convey the dangers of doing dumb things around trains, say crossing the tracks with an oncoming train heading your direction. LoL!

To get the point across, he used cute, colourful characters doing really dumb things, and how it encourages you to…well…use common sense be safe especially around trains. Well it worked, and now the video has gone viral with 9 million hits and counting! The song is even available on iTunes and it has a tumblr account for those crazy self-induced deaths gifs. Listen to the video below and you’ll find yourself humming to it too! Doesn’t it just remind you of those cute crazy critters who always find themselves in harm’s way?

Remember! Always be safe than sorry! I’m out!

[via ONTD]


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