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November 16, 2012 / Amy

Songs of the Week(end) #1

I think it’s time I jumpstart Videos of the Week(end), but this time with a musical twist. I’ll include music I’ve been listening to or think you should listen to (Yes, you!) in the mix. Let’s go!

Ed Sheeran :: Give Me Love

I’m obsessed with this song!!! I think Ed Sheeran is uber talented, and he should continue doing what he’s doing ’cause his music is a refreshing slap to the ears from all the pop music garbage you’ve been hearing on the radio lately. This is what you call talent, Hollywood! 

Ra Ra Riot :: Beta Love

Here’s a new one from Ra Ra Riot, and if you love M83, Vampire Weekend, and the likes, you will love them. Not many people here know of good indie tunes in Brunei so whenever I come across one, it’ll be like coming across a free parking space in a packed parking lot or getting a good seat to a really good movie screening.

Youngblood Hawke :: We Come Running

Honestly I never heard of Youngblood Hawke until I listened to the one remixed by RAC (one of my favourite remixers). And it made me curious about the original. And there’s something about this band that I can’t put my finger on. It’s youthful that’s for sure, but I think I just simply like singing this line “ooh whooa ooh whooa uh oh”. LoL! 

Now if I hear anything awesome, I’ll continue posting more links or videos here. Till then.


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