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November 14, 2012 / Amy

Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz

I was browsing through the web when I stumbled upon this brilliant piece on My Modern Met (One of my favourite inspiration sites). It’s a prototype calendar by London based artist Oscar Diaz, that absorbs ink and at the same time reveals its date with clever cut-out numbers like a calendar. The wonderful thing about it is that it’s self-advancing or automatic, and you don’t have to tear off a page from those old school Chinese calendars to reveal the date or cross out the number on your planner book. How many calendars do you know that does that besides going digital? This would be a wonderful edition to your workplace especially if you work in a creative field, or you could even have it in your own home (given there are no kids or pets to mess with it).

Honestly, when I first read about this, it brought me back to my high school days when we were studying about diffusion so there’s something pretty nostalgic about it too. And the colours, oh my gawd, where do I begin? It’s supposed to be based on the colour temperature scale ala seasonal, like dark blue for December and three shades of green in spring. By the end of the month, the numbers should be fully soaked with its respective month colour. And it’s on to a new one.

The only downside I guess, is that it’s made of paper so you can only use it once, unless the paper is able to absorb white, so you can keep reusing it? I don’t know, but this is still pretty ingenious and I want it in my dream home.

[via My Modern Met]


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