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November 2, 2012 / Amy

A new beginning.

I asked myself whether it’s worth re-blogging again. I do enjoy writing and voicing my thoughts to whoever even cares to listen and sharing design inspiration anywhere I can find but I dread about the technical side of blogging too, i.e. uploading, drafting, researching, crediting, all that boring stuff. I haven’t been very active on social networks (except for Instagram) and I think I’ve become someone of a recluse social hermit (but I’m not complaining). Besides, I left this blog alone far too long.

But I realized, blogging doesn’t have to be such a hassle or a duty or a job or a responsibility or a yougetmydrift, as long as you love doing what you’re doing. So I think I’m gonna start from scratch again. Start small, and see where that leads me. Initially, I wanted to keep this blog design-or-anything-cool-with-occasional-food-or-movie-reviews-related only. But I think I may even go personal with this one. Like about typical first world problems, unrealistic incoherent dreams, or simply SFW (sorta, I’ll keep my cuss words to a minimum) rants.

It’s Movember month, and I’m starting fresh. Fingers crossed that I won’t get sidetrack and I’ll actually win the lottery write decent posts that’s worth writing (or reading, have your pick). I think I’m gonna have to clean up the blog as well. That’s gonna be a nightmare. But oh well. To a new beginning.




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  1. Amy / Jan 20 2013 6:03 pm

    Oh, are you back? I just randomly clicked on your link on my blog to check… maybe?

    • Amy / Mar 5 2013 2:45 pm

      Yeah I am….after another long hiatus. Haha. Hope you’re good, ‘other Amy’! 🙂

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