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October 13, 2010 / Amy

Vital – Saying

GASP! The music video to Vital’s second single, Saying is FINALLY out! If you never heard of Vital, then I suggest you watch his first music video titled, Airport. It was a beautiful video, full of colourful lights and sweet bokehs, not to mention the fun, dreamy music it entails!

So imagine my glee, when I found out he’s creating a music video for my next favourite song off his FREE debut EP album. Yes, you read me right. The songs are free and can be downloaded on his website. Well without further ado, here’s the video to Saying. And it was directed and created by the same person who directed Airport, TAKCOM.

On the down side, I find it too similar to Linkin Park’s new video, with all the digitalized paths and what-nots. Digital faces and lines are all the rage nowadays. (Recalling Thom Yorke) Also, I find it lackluster, compared to Airport, maybe because there’s not enough colourful swirly lines or random bokehs in there. *hint hint* But the music is great as always. Looking forward to new stuff from Vital.




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  1. Wishful Inker / Oct 14 2010 6:35 am

    Thanks for introducing me to Vital in a previous post. I absolutely love his music and can’t wait till he releases a full album. I hope he goes far. Thanks again!

  2. Amy / Oct 15 2010 5:24 pm

    Vital’s videos are great. I got the EP, but I think it works better with visuals. By the way, if u check the YAM timeline on Twitter, I beat ya to posting this xD

    I would rather buy Vital’s MV DVD xD

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