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September 13, 2010 / Amy

International Chocolate Day!

Today, I committed a sin…A sin to my body! Not only did I eat a number of Kit Kat bars today at the office, I also had a bar of Toblerone, all to myself. Curse this chocolate craving! God knows the number of inches I’ve increased around my waist, and my already-chubby cheeks!

But soon enough, I found out that today, September 13th is actually International Chocolate Day! Oh boy, am I glad that this day was invented otherwise I would’ve felt guilty all day long! Which reminded me, of this special treat that my sister and brother in law got for me from Singapore.

Images via iChoc FB

A small treat for babysitting baby Deanna, and it’s enough to thrill me! More chocolate! And not just any chocolate, it’s iChoc!

Now you may think that this chocolate brand is in any way affiliated with the Apple giant, but nope, they’re not! Well not that I know of. I may need to do more extensive research regarding this. But nevertheless, let’s move on!

iChoc comes with 4 exquisite flavours, namely “Electric Licorice” (Creamy white chocolate with licorice), “GoGo Mango” ( Creamy white chocolate with pieces of mango), “Chillout Caramel” (Finest milk chocolate with caramel crisp) and “Wild Milk” (Pure fine milk chocolate). Now don’t they sound groovy?

What I like about it is the bright coloured packaging, as well as the concept, It’s Music. They may have jumped onto the commercial Apple bandwagon, but they are distinctive on their own. Firstly, they are organic, with no added emulsifier, and are created by EcoFinia, a well known manufacturer of the multi-award winning VIVANI chocolate. (Now why do I sound like I’m promoting them?) 😛

Anyway, I only got the Electric Licorice and GoGo Mango flavours (Awww…), and I’ve tried the former. If you ask for my opinion, I would say I’m  not really a fan of the  licorice-ish taste; but I can tell you the white chocolate tasted nice! I also munched on Cadbury’s White Chocolate Dream earlier, and I still pretty much  prefered iChoc’s premium flavour. I have yet to taste the GoGo Mango, but I’m saving that for a special occasion. Teehee!

But that’s not all! I got a box of Duc d’O Mini Pralines from Chocalatier! Well, that’s a good thing, because I DON’T like nuts! But I have yet to try them either. :\

Image via Chocablog

Image via Chocablog

But you may check out the review for it here on Chocablog. Doesn’t look too good! 😛

Anyway, my taste shifted from sweet to dark to semisweet over the years, and I’m curious to know how much of you chocolate lovers out there have the same taste buds as me? Vote on the poll to find out! [Voting ends by the end of the day]

Oh well that is all! Indulge on some chocolate today! And thanks to Jeanie and Ronald for the lovely gift!




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  1. Orchid Row / Sep 13 2010 10:47 pm

    Great, Amy. Now I’m craving for chocolate! :S The pictures didn’t help either. 😛

  2. quake3fanboy / Sep 23 2010 3:52 pm

    I have to agree with the previous comment. Way to make your readers hungry. THAT could pass as a real “sin”. ):

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