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July 12, 2010 / Amy

Andreea Retinschi Photography

Fruits d'ete

I have been taking note of this particular photographer for quite a while, as I have mentioned in my older post, and I shall not contradict any longer. Let me present you, Andreea Retinschi from Bucharest, Romania; better known as WildRainOfIceAndFire on Deviantart, especially to all of you deviants. 😀

From fairytale themes, to nude photography, to cute little critters, Andreea seems to be trying her hand at everything, and is pretty good at it too! But her forte I must say are beauty shots and portraitures of beautiful women.

The Faeries

“I started photography without any other intention than to have photographs of kittens, dogs and pretty landscapes. After a few years I started liking people and after many more years I actually got decent at photographing them.”

Splendour in the grass

Roses d'hiver


Winter Child

Field Candy

The Beautiful Venetian


Mon printemps

Haunting Love

Soeurs de coeur II

Fleur du soleil

She has a way with the ladies, no? Her choice in location and the way she edits her photos are pretty aren’t they? 🙂

Do check out more of her lovely work on DA and her website, and if you have facebook, be a fan of hers here! Also do check out her interview with Something We Like not long ago for more insight!

On a side note, I love this pic. Adorable!

I hear troublez?


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  1. mikb / Aug 3 2010 6:31 pm

    got here from Jayden’s blog… lotsa great posts you’ve got, and this one is a great share! jus ❤ the last pic…

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