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June 3, 2010 / Amy

Robin Hood and Shrek Forever After Review (Sort of)

Alright, I’ve promised my friend Denyze that I would write a review about Robin Hood, so here you go Dee. But mind you, this is going to be a looooong short post, so get ready to peel your eyes open with toothpicks and sticky tapes!

Robin Hood in my opinion, was actually not as bad as I thought. Just goes to show you can’t trust the critics wholeheartedly, you should trust me! This is not your typical Robin Hood story that we all know, loved or hated. It’s not a bunch of animal characters with clothes on, nor the gay men in tights. This is something much, much more. This film is actually about the origin of Robin Hood, and how he came about to be the legend he is now known for.

It started off with a bunch of dialogue that is thick(in accent), and is difficult to understand if A) You have crappy English or B) lousy hearing abilities, which I unfortunately fall into this category. Anyway, the plot gradually unfolds, and some people commented how long it dragged, with unnecessary scenes, but I for one, appreciate these scenes, as they slowly and dramatically reveal one scene to the next. The directing is great, but what can you not expect from Ridley Scott who directed Gladiator and Black Hawk Down.

Anyway, the CGI is not bad either, and had some memorable action scenes. It makes you think and look back at how men in their generation’s fight, with traditional swords, bows and arrows, and the all-unconventional-weapon of beesBs. You read me right, you’ll have to watch to find out what I mean! Acting wise, I can say that I’m quite happy with the acting. Great cast, and an even greater performance by Cate Blanchett who played Lady Marion. She was stunningly beautiful, even in that age, she looked like a timeless beauty throughout. Russel Crowe makes a badass Robin, but a friend of mine once commented that, his acting was not much different from his role in Gladiator, which says a lot about his acting! Uh-oh! (I never watched Gladiator, so I don’t know) To me, the actor(or should I say actress) who stood out the most was Cate Blanchett, hands down.

Anyway, so my verdict for Robin Hood is 8/10, and I know, I’m being really generous here; and I know some people who really hated this movie, but trust me, it’s way better than some crap movies they’re showing in theatres now. Would I want to watch it again? Maybe not, because it’s about 2 and half hours long, and I don’t want to get my ass stuck to a chair when I could be doing something more productive(like watching Glee).

Alright, moving on, here’s my review for Shrek Forever After, The Final Chapter. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the first half hour within the movie. I literally fell asleep in the theatre, and that’s not something I would want to spend my good money on! It was either the movie was horribly boring, or I was just darn tired(I watched the midnight screening-I think!) But I have to put my foot down on one thing, it was way better(like a million times better) than that lame ass story of a movie they call Shrek the Third.

The story was simple, Shrek wished that he was never born and so he made a deal with the devious Rumpelstiltskin(pretty tough/complicated name), and changed Far Far Away‘s history. It was no longer Happily Ever After, and Shrek had to figure out a way to turn back time, and fix the problem. It was a typical family movie for me, with the predictable laughs, and so-so action. It just wasn’t entertaining enough to keep me awake throughout the movie. This says a LOT because I’m comparing it to How To Train Your Dragon now. I watched a late screening of that, and I was probably more tired during that period than watching Shrek 4. My verdict? 6/10, and I’m being generous here.

So there you go, I meant to write this review and post it by the end of May, but I didn’t get around to finish it until today. Sorry Dee if you’ve been waiting for a long time for it, but trust me, you aren’t missing much. But I watched POP aka Prince of Persia, and I enjoyed that one! Now if only I could myself to write a review about that…

*This isn’t my usual review writing, and I just wanted to keep it short and simple*



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