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May 21, 2010 / Amy


If any of you are wondering, that's Mr G's hand. He was driving too!

Was browsing along old photographs that I’ve snapped while still in college, and I had that sense of nostalgia creeping up on me. Also, the shots I’ve taken were dull and boring, so I promised myself that I would do something about it if I ever have the time. Well, here’s the first photo of the bunch, and I quite like the outcome. The story behind it is quite simple too.

There was a class field trip to the Malaysian National Zoo, and one of my awesome art lecturer, Mr G. offered to give me and a couple of classmates a ride there. We quickly took up the offer, because we couldn’t drive, and the trip there by bus could take ages and with taxi cabs, it’s going to cost a liver! So we all met up at the college, and he showed up in a small budget car, without air conditioning. He joked about his car being super, hence supercar, and it really was an exhilirating ride!

The journey there was pretty exciting, with the wind blowing my then-longer hair, and snapping photos along the highway in high speed(I think it was more than 100km/hr). Actually I took a lot of pictures, in the car while it’s moving relatively fast, and this picture was one of them. I’m surprised it wasn’t blur, and thank goodness the weather was really nice that day. So anyway, would like to dedicate this post to you Mr G. Rana. Thanks for giving us a lift in your supercar and it certainly was memorable!

More pictures coming soon!



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