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May 20, 2010 / Amy

Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars – Billionaire

“I wanna be a billionaire, so f*cking bad.” This particular verse caught my attention, besides knowing Bruno Mars is in the video. Haha, the video was only released early this month, and already received more than 1 million views. It’s to be the song of the summer, and I really am digging it! Let me tell you why.
Besides the song being a catchy/chill out summer tune, the fact that Bruno Mars is in it got me hooked thanks to his soulful, R&B and need I say it, sexy voice! 😛 I first heard of Bruno Mars after listening to B.o.B’s Nothing On You, and fell straight in love with that song. He writes his own song and sings it well, plays the guitar, and that chic looking fedora hat he always wear, is enough to keep me interested. If you’ve yet to listen to Nothing On You, have no fear, here’s the video below. Another thing I love about this video, is the animation. I thought it was a creative concept. Lovesit.

*Thanks to Tamish for the link*



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  1. mikb / Aug 3 2010 6:49 pm

    Like Jason Mraz, his songs have a ‘lasting impression’ that sticks to your head and makes you wanna SOS (sing out loud) especially in the car or in d shower… ;D

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