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May 20, 2010 / Amy

Bart’s Blackboard at Work Club by Mat Williams

Bart Simpson is real I tell you! He’s real! Don’t believe me, check the video above for proof!!! LoL! I’m just kidding, but won’t it be cool to meet the infamous Bart himself? Anyway, Mat Williams, the genius behind this, was hired by Work Club, to decorate their 22m long blackboard. In order to do so, Mat, or should I say, Bart, did it in an unconventional way, by skateboarding his way to the location like how he would in the opening of the Simpson’s intro, and start writing all of his trademark lines on the chalkboard.

He completed this project in 2 days, using 20 white markers,writing 288 lines consisiting of 7,697 characters. What’s more, he written them in order, all neat and pristine!

Check out the completed blackboard wall in full view,  and see all of them word for word for yourself.

[via] and [via] and [via]

*and yes I checked the spelling, it’s Mat Williams, not Matt!*



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