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April 28, 2010 / Amy

‘Type Should Move’ – Wearable Lettering by Amandine Alessandra

How genius is this? Using ‘wearable lettering’s, you can create letters just by flexing your body and if you are joined with a number of people, you can create words. What a way to innovate typography, using live human forms as your typeface!

“Using the human body as a message display facility is a way of evading a tax on advertising by making it mobile, but also by using the humanity of the subject and its “freedom of speech” as a legal argument. The flexibility of this casual form of communication, combined with the performative potential of togetherness, provided the right components to start thinking of a malleable letterform expressing an ephemeral message. ” – Amandine Alessandra

The video below features a minisite for the Optimus Kanguru Colored Pens campaign, using this method.

Check out more works by this talented designer on her website! Also, if you would like someone to tell you the time, click on this!
[via designaside]


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