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April 23, 2010 / Amy

Photoshopping For Fun

Femme Power Rangers

Hi dear readers.

I hope you have been enjoying my previous posts as I’ve enjoyed posting them. This post is on a more personal note, as I showcase some of my recently editted pictures to show off my darn bloody(bad) photo editting skills. I’ve always loved the vintage and colourful stuff, so I tried to implement it on the photos you see here.

Dream Girls

Erm, the pictures you see above are just me and my friends, and I named the second pic Dream Girls, because I wanted to get that dreamy effect(which I doubt you see). I wanted to add that bokeh element, but haven’t got time for that, so I might upload it another time(or not at all!)

Now, below here’s sure to melt your hearts! This picture was not taken by me but by my ex-boss, Steven. The model’s just too darn pretty I couldn’t help myself but get out my photoshop tools and muddle it all up! I hope you like the outcome Steven!

Just A Girl Experiment

Click on the image to direct yourself to the original picture(or try this link), without all the highlight and editing shebang! I know, I know, skills are lousy, but I’m getting on it!



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