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February 16, 2010 / Amy

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Music Galore

GONG XI FA CAI! Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Went to my hometown for visits, and got quite a number of ang paos. After that came back to Brunei, and got even more ang paos. It was fun meeting up with relatives and friends, but what really ticked me off was how bloody hot the weather was. Seriously, you can feel yourself melting just standing under the sun especially at noon time. But, today, I’m taking a break at home, and finally do what I do best- sit in front of the computer and do unproductive things. Hehe, but nevertheless, I wish others a happy chinese new year.

The first day of the Lunar New year, also happened to be Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t have any date whatsoever, so I’m going to be dissing about it. Hahaha! I’m kidding but here’s something for a little bit of amusement. Even though this is a little overdued,  it’s so funny, it’s impossible to miss. I kinda pity the bride and groom at the end. Shucks.

Anyway, this post isn’t much, but just posting some of my current songs that I’m totally into. Firstly, Train’s Hey Soul Sister. There’s also a cover done by David Choi which I equally love, so I’m gonna post both, for you to compare.

I don’t know, I find this song reminiscent to Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, and it’s fun, bubbly, radio friendly and easy to sing to. Also when I hear the word ‘soul’ sister, the first thing that came to my mind would be those hippy fellows, with their peace signs and tie dyed flowers, clothes. 😛

How you doin? (O_O)V

Alright, next is a much more mellow song, sung by Pink, and though it’s nothing new, I still love how her music came about. She truly is an amazing and talented artist imo.

This song, is quite meaningful, other than being a fantastic heart wrenching ballad. Moving on, the next video is a song that’s starting to gain popularity. It’s sung by none other than Adam Lambert. To be honest, I didn’t like the song from the beginning. I thought the electric guitar part was super cheesy, but after that as I went on to the chorus and the bridge, it blew me away, and I’m really digging it now! And also, did you know that this was originally written by Pink to be put into her latest album Funhouse? It didn’t make it onto the album and got axed though, but Adam was lucky enough to be able to take hold of this song. You know come to think of it, I can totally imagine Pink belting this one out too. Who do you think will pull it off better? Adam or Pink? I think both would be equally amazing!

Alright, here’s another song that’s starting to get to me, in all its house glory. Alphabeat singing a duo cover of Lady Gaga’s Telephone and Bad Romance all-in-one. Telephone’s number 1 in Canada now, and I’m predicting Lady Gaga to score it big worldwide with her latest single.

Other songs, that I’m crazy about, are Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now, David Guetta ft. Akon’s Sexy Chick, MGMT’s Time To Pretend, and Pete Yorn’s Lose You. Alright, here’s some a light video to amuse you. Below is the video of a red ‘monster’ that ate a girl whole. NO KIDDING! 😛

PS. Now I can’t wait for movie night with friends. Will be watching Up In the Air, and I really can’t wait to watch The Blind Side, and Time Traveller’s Wife too.



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