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February 11, 2010 / Amy

Great news!!

Hi again!

It’s just 5 minutes to 6 and I just can’t wait to share the good news. No, I didn’t finish all my projects, I still have about seven more pending. And no, that hideous pimple is still on my forehead. And no, I did not get my paycheck in advance. Can’t figure it out? Well, let me explain it to you briefly.

It all happened when I lost something so uberly important, and there’s that chance I will never get it back. If I lose it, then I will like…literally lose everything. I could reapply for it, but my application could get rejected, and I might need to wait for a couple of years to reapply! So yes, it was devastating when I knew I lost it.

For the period when it went missing, I had many hardships and troubles, and some people were just not very helpful/supportive. They would always put me down, and remark how I did not think this issue is a big deal. You know how it goes. I would remember crying in fear and in shame, and at one point didn’t know what to do. Also, there were many important decisions that were made, and I really thought hard in order to follow the righteous and honest path. And most importantly, place my faith in our Almighty God, when there seem to be no other way. Many people prayed for me, and prayed with me for that matter, and it really moves me to tears, just thinking how many people really cared.

Well, the good news is, it has been approved! Hallelujah!

I would look back, and think about all the cynical comments made by cynical and disappointed people. How one would always remind me how stupid I was to lose it, or how I could be so forgetful. Also, the frustration when they heard that I decided to trust God, and take the righteous path. They had so much doubt that God could help me, but look at it now! If it weren’t for this issue, I wouldn’t have turned to God so much at times of sorrows, and even though I made so much mistakes, He would still welcome me into His arms! How great is our God? *singing now*

So yes, the highest glory and thanks goes out to Him, thank you Jesus! 

On a side note, there’s another good news that I forgot to mention. There was an Annual Dinner for my company last week, and we had a lucky draw. I for one never won anything great, or decent, and I always tend to lose out during swimming(mahjong for fun), so I wasn’t really expecting much. But lo and behold, my lucky number that night was #39, and I won a Nokia E63. Was really happy but after that, I had to get it sold off to compensate my current phone that I’m using now. Oh well, was never a fan of Nokia. 😛

Anyone want to buy this phone for B$300? It's still brand new!

Alright, that’s all for the good news. I feel like jumping for joy, as soon as I heard the good news, and I really can’t wait to let everyone know about it too!



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  1. Samuel / Feb 12 2010 12:17 am

    “Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you,who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.” Isaiah 64:4

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