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January 14, 2010 / Amy

Twenty One!

Hi again.

Todays’ the 14th of January, and it’s someone’s birthday today. Who you ask? Well, yours truly! Haha, I don’t have any plans or big birthday celebration, maybe just dinner and a study of the word of God with church members! And when there’s a birthday, there’s gotta be cake right? I hope so, cause I love cakes. 😛

While we’re on the topic of cakes, let me present to you one of my favourite blog sites, featuring *drum roll* CAKES! There’s this humorous site called Cake Wrecks where they posts lots of ‘phailed’ cakes, from misspellings, to “colourful” themes, and funny messages. But don’t get me wrong, they also include awesome cakes, with extreme details, and pretty flowers and all that.

Mario themed wedding cake


Close up


Good riddance!


Yeowch...I don't want a cake like that!


Yes that box of chocolate is actually a cake!


The inspiration for the cake below.


The cake done by a "professional" baker!


Inspiration for the cake below: Oh look it's Curious George!


Err...Looks nothing like CG above.


You've seen a Barbie doll cake, but have you seen a "Ken" doll's?"


The inspiration (Awesome looking Tiffany Cake)


The outcome (Err.....)


Meooow (Another example why cupcakes are a No-No!)


If you know Maple Story, you'll know what this is! Adorable!


Anyway do check out the site, the writing can be very funny, sarcastic and witty, as they upload crazy cakes like those above.



Alright, well, here’s a random thought, what’s my favourite cake flavour? I really don’t know to be honest, I’ve thought about it, but never really came into a conclusion. So I’m just gonna say I like all sorts of cakes. Be it fruity, chocolatey, cheesy or a black forest.


Well, the next segment of this post is about the greetings I received today. Which was awesome. Received a number of texts and posts from Facebook friends, and I have to say, I’m really moved! I didn’t expect much out of today (except for cake), but everyone have been so cheerful and enthusiastic. So for this post I’m going to dedicate my thanks to everyone who’s greeted me.

Jeffrey(the earliest, exactly midnight), Denyze@pigizmo, Sylvia Lai, Michelle Tan, Cheng Haw, Ping Ping, Jester Jade, Leo Wong, Samuel Tan, Viva Zai@SY, Troy, Kiki jie, Regene Yong, Daryl, Jean, Fa Wei, Chiao Hong, Teo zai, Heng, Jayden@YC, Ehsan, Ziq korkor, Jun Chen, Jess, Makai, Michelle MJ, Ancy, Eric How, Ko Liong, Felina, Ting Ting, Miez, Vivian, Doreen, Nicholas, Brandon, Esther, Evelyn@Dai Sou, Hani, Amir, Bingzzz, Syaza@Zhen, Lee Woei, Dennis, Drey, Kuhan, Jason, Josias, Jordine, Louis, Vanessa, Daniel, Nader, Choonxuan, Hannah, Jane, Leoana@Anaoel, Jev@Girlgirl, Sharen, Emily, Keith, Mary, Jeanie, Manel, Yolly, John Tan, Crystal, Fabian, Liza, Sze Howe, Siew Yii, Diamond&Platinum, Jo Ann, Lily, MengGee, Callistus,  Sheila, Lui Ching, Caroline Ko, Sue Lynn, Chel, Yin Teo, Lasco Jhun, Nikichan, Jackie, Julius, Kenny, Darren, Kar Mun, Kelvin, Hean Hean, Majorie, Karen Then, Sebastian, YiPing, Mabel, Andrew, Catric@Wind, Michelle Wong, Joe, Apphia, Calvin@Tyco, Kimbley, Renn, Shalini, Essy, Sarah Maggie, Min Yuann, Sharleen, Trina@Renee, Fahren, Ger Ger, Adeline, Gretchen, Donna Michele, AgnesCJ, Kae Weun, Marcus and if there’s anyone I  missed out, I’m terribly sorry!

Thank you, all of you. You guys really made my day! 😀

PS. Gosh…it still hadn’t hit me yet…but I’m 21. Like…fer real!!!! O___O I’m officially LEGAL. Legal to sleep, eat, drink, pay, work, design, etc. 😀



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