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January 8, 2010 / Amy

Happy 2nd birthday Delene Pang!

Hey again.

Today’s the 8th of January and I didn’t know the significance of it until last night. My older sister called and invited me to a little get together and cake  for my niece, Delene’s birthday. And I’m like………shyt. I’m not saying shyt, because I forgot her birthday, nor because I didn’t get her a present. But because I forgot to arrange an invitation card to fit into an A4 size to my sister for her to print! Don’t get it? Alright, here’s the scoop.

My sister asked me a week or two in advanced, to design an invitation card, sized 2inches by 4inches. And I designed it already, but she wanted me to arrange as many cards I could fit into an A4, so she could print many all in one go. But I was busy, so I couldn’t do that for her and I totally forgot about it until she called me last night. But after that, she told me the party’s off anyway, just so they can save money. Haha! Phew I’m off the hook!

Delene's a really big fan of Sesame Street. She super loves Elmo!


I’m a little bummed they couldn’t use the card I designed, but hey, maybe next year. Can still recycle since I didn’t use this! Hahaha! Anyway, below are some of pics of my niece Delene, so go knock yourself out!

I see you! *points*


Delene refusing to get out of the bin.


She dressed up as a honey bee for halloween last year.


So excited to get a phone.


Oh I can fly! (In the car)




She was one when this photo was taken, and she's already killing me with her cuteness!! *pouts*


Putting her hand into the potty. O___O


After being scolded. :((((((


She can do those baby commercials already.


I did a retouch to this photo because the original was darker.




Delene at 13 months old.




I know, adorable right? Well, I’m looking forward to Delene #2, coming soon early this year! Yes, my sister got another bun in her oven!  Hehe, and they’re going to be naming her (Secret). For the mean time, I’m just happy being an aunty! 😀



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