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January 5, 2010 / Amy

Why creativemelancholic?

Hey again.

Been really busy at work today, with lots of changes going on, up and down, left and right. Projects coming in from everywhere! Though I love doing my job, sometimes it gets me so frustrated I felt like I’m going to lose it. Wait, some of you readers(if anybody’s reading) might not know what I do for a living. Well, I’m a designer, a noob one to be exact. I’m not exactly great at what I’m doing, but I strive to do my best. I try to design as decent as possible, but sometimes my laziness tend to butt in at the busiest time. Heh.

Hence, the “creative” part of my internet pen name! Haha! 😀 Where did melancholic come from then? Well, I’m not very sure when, but I remembered being intrigued with long complex words when I was younger, and “melancholy” was no exception. (I didn’t know the meaning of “melancholy” until I was 17/18. I’m serious!) Anyway, I have mood swings and sometimes I feel crappy and hopeless, therefore I termed myself as somewhat of a Melancholic. But I found something interesting on Wikipedia, about the Four Temperaments.

Simple emoticons of the four temperaments (clockwise from top right: Choleric, melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic).↓

The Four Temperaments consists of four emotions; choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and you guessed it, melancholic! It’s quite an interesting read, but check out what it said about ‘melancholic’!


A person who is a thoughtful ponderer has a melancholic disposition. Often very kind and considerate, melancholics can be highly creative (<<Not sure about this one!) – as in poetry and art – but also can become overly pre-occupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world, thus becoming depressed. A melancholic is also often a perfectionist(This is sometimes true!), being very particular about what they want and how they want it in some cases(This is true!). This often results in being dissatisfied with one’s own artistic or creative works and always pointing out to themselves what could and should be improved(This is very true!). They are often loners and most times choose to stay alone and reflect.(This is sometimes true!)

Hah! And there you go! creativemelancholic! Actually This was totally last minute as I was trying to figure out a cool web address and I was at wit’s end! Oh well, what’s done is done. Now I got to come up with a cool logo design for it. I was thinking of a sad:( smiley face, but with a creative twist! Hah! I’ll just keep dreaming, I’ll be lucky enough if I do come up with something!



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